Coral Reef Futures Rescue a reef
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Your donation to Rescue a Reef directly supports our ongoing efforts to conserve and restore coral reef populations in South Florida.

Reinvest In Our Reefs

Here is how your donation can be put to work:

$25:  Adopt a Coral

Supports the outplanting of a nursery-reared coral to a local reef

$1,000:  Adopt a Site

Supports the restoration of a local, unique reef site that donor will have the opportunity to name. Photos and coordinates of the restoration site will also be included!

$2,500:  Adopt an Expedition

Supports a Rescue a Reef coral restoration expedition for up to 20 citizen scientists. Photos and statistics from the expedition will also be provided!

Coral reefs provide billions in economic prosperity, food for 1+ billion individuals across the world, and are our first line of defense against hurricanes, protecting millions of people and billions of dollars in infrastructure.

This is your opportunity to reinvest in our reefs and advance University of Miami coral research, restoration, and conservation in South Florida!

Each and every donation is incredibly helpful and greatly appreciated!

Click the ‘Rescue a Reef’ Button here.

* please indicate in the "Comment/Personal Note" box if supporting a specific opportunity

Tax Deductible — The University of Miami is a Florida not-for-profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible as appropriate by law.