H2O Event Overview

group shot artists group shot artists
Students at Breakthrough Carrolton painted pictures of corals and learned about coral biology with H2O and Rescue a Reef

What is Hopeful, Healthy Oceans (H2O)?

A series of events designed and brought to you by Rescue a Reef, Hopeful, Healthy Oceans (H2O) will combine the power of science communication and art to capture and share the importance and beauty of our imperiled Florida marine ecosystems. 

The program will combine compelling presentations by leading scientists, communicators, art curators, and conservationists, followed by an exhibition of marine-themed art created by young Miami artists.

While it is no secret that our majestic coastal ecosystems are being impacted by a multitude of impacts, from Climate Change to local disturbances, our program will focus on the actions being undertaken to ensure their recovery and persistence. Through the eyes of our young artists, we will be able to appreciate the beauty of our coral reefs and their inhabitants and underscore the pressing need to ensure their survivorship.