Explore our 2024 H2O Event!

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Event Recap

Our vision for “H2O” was to blend art and science in a way that both highlighted the beauty and importance of our marine ecosystems. To raise awareness and encourage action for ocean and coral conservation. To build a better future for our youth. 

Our inaugural “Hopeful, Healthy Oceans” event this past year was an incredibly inspiring and motivating success! Our entire Rescue a Reef team was overwhelmed by the kind words, support, and enthusiasm for the initiative we received from attendees on Friday. Both days were truly special. We can't wait for the 2025 event! 

The H2O Experience

The Artists

Our artists are all students in the area with a love for the ocean. In preparation for our H2O event, we hosted outreach activities at local schools to teach kids about coral reefs and help inspire their amazing artwork.

The Art

The beautiful youth art pieces were displayed on upcycled coral trees from our underwater nurseries.

The Speakers

We had a moving presentation for the H2O attendees to enjoy, featuring the interesting work of coral scientists and the creative works of local artists, brought together by a love and passion to protect our coral reefs.

The Atmosphere

Our participants enjoyed complimentary drinks from Tripping Animals Brewing and and upbeat live music as they enjoyed the H2O activities.

Our Favorite Moments from Friday

Our Favorite Moments from Saturday