Joe Unsworth



The practice of active coral reef restoration has quickly gained interest in response to the dire condition of reefs around the world. Joe's research focuses on testing new ways to optimize this process. As a member of Dr. Lirman’s lab, he earned his M.S. in Marine Biology and Ecology evaluating the use of cement as a more efficient coral attachment technique and testing the ability of different coral arrangements to improve long-term restoration outcomes. Before joining the Lirman Lab, he completed internships with organizations in the Honduran Bay Islands and Florida Keys where he took his first forays into the reef restoration field. In his role as a research associate, Joe will be working to understand the part that coral restoration plays in mitigating onshore wave energy and amplifying the resilience of coastal communities.


Unsworth J, Hesley D, D’Alessandro M, Lirman D. 2020. Outplanting optimized: Developing a more efficient coral attachment technique using Portlandcement. Restoration Ecology: